Swift is a UK-based cordless garden tools company. They aim to be unexpected; whether it’s in their advertising, an exciting and interactive website, or a selection of new products that are lightweight, competitively priced and easy to use, they offer their customers an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

By employing a colour palette that goes against the grain in the industry, and a bold and fun typeface, Swift is able to stand out from the crowd. Graphic elements, such as a large suite of simple icons, convey the product benefits concisely and clearly.
The packaging is both fun and enlightening. For each product, there is a graphic depicting the swift symbol easily performing the task of the tool.
Animations of swifts performing gardening tasks engage the user on the homepage. A carefully considered e-commerce site makes the user journey a breeze.
Brochures demonstrate the product benefits, while also communicating a little bit of the Swift personality. On these covers different ‘flight paths’ are used to differentiate the three available ranges.

Inside, beautiful photography and clever copywriting combine with Swifts graphic elements to convey the ease of use of the various tools.

In advertising the Swift tone of voice can really come alive. These products are supposed to be fun after all.